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The dollar-driven focus and unique features of IQR have helped companies  worldwide to :

Reduce inventory investment

Increase turns

Improve cash flow

You really have to see IQR with your part numbers to appreciate what it can help you do.

We can do the demo with your part numbers and your inventory dollars

You and your colleagues can see the detailed results and the benefits of IQR software with a remote demo over the internet. 

With IQR you will see how much you can save before you buy.

We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your inventories and

point out immediate opportunities for significant savings, that will pay for IQR in less than three months. Click to see examples of the analysis

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IQR inventory reduction software analyzes inventory using:

Balance on hand and unit cost, past usage, future requirements, and user-defined parameters

IQR Develops inventory quality categories:

Active:  demand or past usage, balance within user’s limits

Excess: demand or past usage, balance over user’s limits

Slow Moving:  demand and past usage, no use in over 6 months

No Moving:  no demand, and no usage in more than 12 months

Result of the IQR logic displays thousands of dollars by inventory segment and IQR categories

One click on any field will display the list of parts that are in that category

Click on the screen shot to see the detailed list of parts

IQR is a inventory performance metric, an inventory reduction tool, and an cash flow management tool


Get complete visibility of your situation

IQR provides a series of Quick Look Reports. Quick Look provides you several ways to view summarized inventory data by segment quickly, and the ability to look at the detailed records comprising the summary totals. Click to see examples


Set inventory reduction targets

IQR lets you set realistic inventory reduction targets to help you develop meaningful objectives, for both inventory levels and increased profits.  You  create specific “What if….” scenarios to analyze your opportunities to free up working capital.  Click to see analysis tools.


Assign actions to drive inventory reduction today

Action Items are used to identify what course you plan to take to address existing or potential problem areas.  Each Action Item report presents your inventory picture in a unique way and includes the necessary information for you to take action in keeping your inventory exposure to a minimum.


Track your inventory reduction performance

IQR has built in performance tracking tools designed to point out the differences between prior IQR measurements and the present.


Create custom inventory performance reports quickly & easily

IQR includes a custom reports generator. a very powerful and flexible tool to analyze your inventory data. It allows you to create custom reports to focus on special information or relationships.  You choose which data fields are displayed, the sort sequence, and the selection criteria for displaying only the situations you wish to view. IQR also provides you with the capability to graph any of the Quick Look stratifications.


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IQR will improve working capital and enhance cash flow through better management of inventory.

IQR is the best inventory optimization tool available today to levels and it helps you manage working capital.

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