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An integral part of the Inventory Quality Ratio and the IQR inventory reduction software is the user training that comes with every installation.  Although IQR tools are very easy to use, we include training because of the motivation it provides planners and buyers to take charge and actually reduce inventories. 

Together, the IQR software and the IQR user training provide the skill set necessary to attack current inventory problems and to avoid their buildup in the future.  After learning the IQR logic and user-defined parameters, the planners perform a series of exercises that demonstrate how using the IQR tools will increase their productivity and effectiveness.  Since the training is conducted with current data for each planner, we address and prioritize their specific issues.  Once the planners are comfortable with what they can actually do to reduce inventories, they develop individual objectives (that they know they can reach) and action plans to achieve them.


To be less intrusive on planners’ limited time, total training for IQR software is only twelve hours.

We conduct two six-hour classes at your site and can flex the hours to meet your schedule.  All IQR training is approved by APICS and ISM for credit toward certification maintenance.  And, unlike most user training classes, the cost is included in the price of the software.


In addition to training your staff in use of IQR, we can also provide an underlying education in inventory management and relate topics. Our educational programs are designed to support the IQR training by giving your staff a deeper understanding of the principles on which IQR is based.


Samples of our educational programs are below

Basics of inventory planning and control

The nature and function of inventory

Objectives of inventory management

Costs relating to inventory

Measurements of the performance of inventory

Alternate methods of ordering inventory – Order Point, Min/Max, Two Bin

Attaining Inventory Accuracy          

Introduction to Materials Requirements Planning

Objective of MRP

Bill of Material & lead time overview and role in MRP

Gross and net requirements

Planned orders

Reading the MRP record


Need more than great inventory reduction software and education? We can provide guidance and advice based on our decades of experience as both hands on inventory managers and consultants.

Samples of the kind of help we can provide are below.

Implement Lean manufacturing & inventory management practices

Implement new or optimize existing software tools

Develop and implement departmental productivity tracking systems

Define and implement customized cycle counting and physical inventory programs.

Evaluate and recommend/implement improvements to materials and information flows through manufacturing and distribution

Evaluate and recommend/implement methods, equipment, and technologies for order picking operations.

Analysis of system setup and data integrity in MRP, ERP, DRP, WMS systems.

Determine better inventory control parameters such as  lot sizing, safety stock, reorder points

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