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IQR Inventory Reduction system was developed by 35 materials and supply chain managers as:

- A comprehensive method to reduce inventory dollars

- A complete tool to drive improvements to cash flow and improve working capital

- A more useful method of measuring inventory performance


IQR inventory reduction software does even more:

· Estimate the amount of cash that can be freed by reducing excess inventories

· Set realistic inventory reduction targets

· Show the movement of inventory from bad to good & good to bad as demands change

· Perform ‘What-if’ analysis on different inventory strategies and see the impact in real time

· Calculate the increased profit from future improvements to inventory performance

· Estimate financial reserves

One click on the order field tells you exactly what orders can be       delayed or cancelled.

inventory measure

One click creates a graph of the inventory reduction trend so you can see how well you are doing over time.


The Complete Story

Many people have asked if they need IQR when they have an MRP or ERP system. “Won’t MRP give our material planners all the information they need to plan the right amount of inventory?”

The answer is yes, MRP does that. MRP sends a message to the planners for every item where supply and demand are not properly time phased and balanced. BUT, with changing demand every day planners get more action messages than they can work. How to they decide which ones to work? Do they work by date, by part number, by quantity?


IQR helps MRP planners know which are the most important parts to work.


IQR inventory management system provides the dollar focus that is lacking in MRP systems. IQR will show the planners and buyers which parts to work to have the biggest impact on working capital and cash flow. The planner can be much more efficient, having a bigger impact on the business with less effort by focusing on inventory dollars instead of part quantities.


IQR works with, and compliments your ERP or MRP system.

inventory control

IQR analyzes your inventory and defines categories of good & bad inventory

Active 1 & 2 is good. Excess 1, 2, 3 and Slow moving & No moving are bad


One click gives you a complete list of  all the parts in an IQR category sorted by highest dollar value so you know which parts to work first

inventory planning

One click on any part brings up all the detailed information  for that part. Included in the information provided is:

1. Quantity & value of current on hand

2. Usage history

3. Future requirements

4. Critical planning data

5. Summary on-order data

...and other data you need to make informed decisions about dispositioning excess

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