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The Inventory Quality Ratio (IQR) is a proven inventory management technique for reducing inventory dollars and for improving inventory performance and working capital.    

IQR is the only inventory system developed specifically for analyzing inventories and identifying actionable inventory reduction opportunities 

Simply put, IQR is an inventory management system that helps avoid the formation of excess and obsolete inventory.  That means less money in inventory, lower carrying costs, and increased capital to operate your business.
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IQR Inventory Reduction Software

IQR is quick to set up & easy to use

IQR is and effective Inventory Management tool. It enables an organization to meet or exceed customers' expectations of product availability while maximizing net profits and cash flow.


Installation & training in just 3 days

Training for IQR software is only twelve hours. IQR inventory reduction user training comes with every installation. Although IQR tools are very easy to use, we include training because of the motivation it provides planners and buyers to take charge and actually reduce inventories.


Works with your existing ERP system

IQR dose not replace your current ERP, MRP or inventory management software. IQR works with your existing suite of tools to provide actionable information required to make rapid improvements in your inventory position.


No additional data entry required

IQR is an analytical tool that provides the information you need to reduce excess inventory, increase working capital and improve cash flow. The IQR process starts with an extract from your existing inventory systems. IQR provides the actionable information you need. You take the recommended actions in the original system. There are no extra key strokes, no additional data entry work.


ROI in 3 months or less

IQR provides the actionable information that you need to make rapid improvements in the performance of your inventory. Many IQR customers report a return on their initial investment in as little as three months.

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The following are just a few of the companies that use IQR for Inventory Control Software
Black & Decker
Beckman Coulter
Boston Scientific
Carrier Corporation
Dow Chemical 
Johnson & Johnson 
Kohler Company
Rheem Manufacturing
Sikorsky Aircraft
Tyco Electronics
 and many smaller companies

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Inventory Quality Ratio


IQR is a powerful, money saving tool

In business cash flow is crucial to survival. Having ample cash on hand will ensure that creditors, employees and others can be paid on time. If a business does not have enough cash to support its operations, it is a likely candidate for bankruptcy. IQR improves cash flow. It will:

 Quickly identify good, bad and excess inventories

 Drill down on problem areas and prioritize corrective action

 Avoid shortages of purchased parts and finished goods

 Measure performance by inventory segment (product line, program, plant, etc.) Click to see examples

 Rebalance inventory across locations

 Set realistic reduction objectives and track improvement over time

 Monitor inventory movement as requirements change

 Revise safety stocks, lot sizes and order quantities

 Enhance ERP effectiveness with a dollar focus

 Manage financial reserves and avoid future write-offs. Click to see financial reporting.

IQR is used by over 3,000 planners, buyers, operations managers, and controllers in a broad range of manufacturing and distribution environments.

IQR is an abbreviation for Inventory Quality Ratio. The ratio is a the percentage of your inventory that is active.

The IQR inventory system provides a complete framework to use and improve this performance metric. IQR provides unique analytical tools to effectively reduce your inventory levels and improve the quality of that inventory.

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